Hi all,
Just installed a Honeywell TH8321 (VisionPro multi-stage w/dehumidify) to replace an old T7300 I snagged from an office building before demolition (stat still works fine, just butt-ugly in a residential setting). Has anyone sat down & watched how it reacts to humidity? So far, it seems like it only will engage the first stage of cooling for dehumidifcation (good), but when I first installed it the room was at 81F/67%RH, with the dehumidify setpoint at 45%RH. Despite the wide difference between RH setpoint & actual, it didn't call for cooling. Later on in the evening, the stat had entered the evening (return) program, and indeed was running the first stage of cooling because of the humidity demand. Also, will it delay calling for stage 2 cooling if the latent load is high? While I'm asking q's, how does this stat determine when stage 2 is necessary? The WR 1F95-371 stat at my other residence seems to base it on the rate of temperature drop rather than a timer.

So far, I like the VisionPRO...I thought the touch-screen would be gimmicky, esp. for a tech geek like myself, but it really is useful, as is the large display. Installer-programming menus stink compared to my WR, but the schedule programming more than makes up for it. It's only been installed for a few hrs, but so far the temp regulation seems good.

Wish/gripe list:

1) wish it had blue or amber backlighting (Hey Honeywell, you could charge more for this, and I'm sure the software could support switching different LEDs on/off...what the heck, put in RGB LEDs in and you could make the display any color you wish.)

2) What's the deal with only 1 remote sensor? My WR supports 4 sensors (itself + 3 others) and can do time-of-day weighting for each. Cheaper to install (and eventual repair) than a true zoning system.

3) Relays could be quieter, but I certainly will take the relay clicks over unreliable triacs.