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    I'm live in central PA and am in desparate need of a new heat pump system to replace a 3 ton 25 year old GE system. I've received proposals from a number of local HVAC vendors and have narrowed my choices to a TRANE XL14i and a Carrier Infinity 17. One vendor deals in both TRANE and Carrier and the other vendor deals in Carrier and Luxaire. The vendor who sells both Carrier and TRANE is highly recommending the TRANE unit and says that it's the highest quality system available and it will long outlast the Carrier Infinity. He also maintains that the Carrier model, even though rated at 17 SEER will not be as efficient/economical as the TRANE XL14i (which has a lower SEER rating)???. He also maintains that the Carrier unit has design flaws that will allow the outside unit to rust out within 8 to 10 years and that they are much more prone to leak refrigerant because of the joints in the refrigerant lines. The Carrier and Luxaire vendor says that the TRANE is a good unit, but that the Carrier Infinity 17 will provide a higher SEER and HSPF value.

    Installed, the TRANE unit will be $600 more than the Carrier. I'm very interested in the Carrier because of the two stage compressor and variable speed and the Infinity control's ability to report on maintenance items and control the humidity level.

    According to each vendor, both the TRANE and Carrier carry 10 years parts and labor warranty on the compressor, fan coil.

    Please help me make a decision! I'm really torn and don't know what to do. Both vendors have been in business for a long time and have a very good reputation in the area. I've also talked to references for both and all were very satisfied with both vendors.

    Thank you for your assistance.


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    Carriers infinity control is pretty neat. I do have a problem with it also because I feel that its not perfected yet. I work for a carrier dealer so me telling you hands down that the carrier is better would be b/s. I do know that carrier coils have a horrible problem with leaking. We warranty quite a few of them that are only 2 years old. If you are into computers and really high tech stuff, you would probably think the infinity controller is really cool. I also agree with what he says about the outdoor units. I dont know if its a known "flaw" so to speak, but for some reason when they get to about 3 years old, they look about 7 years old. I have always thought Trane makes a really good unit. So take what you want out of that.

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    I have dealt Trane my entire career. With that siad I believe Trane to be a superior product to the carrier in the heatpump market. I do agree that the Infinity control is a very nice option on the carrier. I don't think you will regret your purchase of either product as long as it is installed well. Carrier stands behind their product as well as does Trane. Personaly if I were looking at two good names like this and the two stage were less expensive and more efficient, which it is in this case, I would put my money on the two stage carrier and a 10 year factory parts and labor warranty.

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    I would agree that the Trane would be the better option. I do like Carrier but the Trane would probably last longer, and look better with age, the Carrier's tend to rust pretty bad.

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    with the Trane XL14i and a trane furnace it also brings the standard warranty on the furnace to ten years parts. Beings the Trane already has a ten year compressor and coil warranty I would just go with the furnace 15 year parts labor warranty..... If your wanting two stage air go with the 16i or the 19i.... my preference is the 19i

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    Trane XL16i

    If you want a two stage compressor, go to the Trane XL16i. It has a two stage Copeland Scroll compressor. The Carrier 38YDB has a Bristol recip compressor. Also, you live in Pennsylvania, check the HSPF heating efficiency ratings of the XL16i vs the Carrier 38YDB. The XL16i is much more efficient in heating. Heating is where you will save money.Carrier is pretty good stuff, however, I am not a fan of Bristol compressors. Trane,s craftsmanship, workmanship, & RELIABILITY is second to none.

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    There's is no deisgn flaw or problems with the Infinity.It will "tattletale" on a Bad duct system,and many consider that a flaw,because they don't know any better.

    We see just as many coil failures in Trane as Carrier,on the indoor coil,maybe more on Trane,Tranes outdoor coil is likey less failures,that's what the warranty is for.

    The Ifinity control System is far superior to any other brand.

    That said either ,with the right controls ,setup and install will be a big improvement on what you have and serve you well.

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    When I purchased my new home I had a multiple zoned system to serve the lower and mid level and a single zone system for the upper level.
    Everything is Trane XL14i matched.
    It was the one part of the home buying deal I disliked the most. The equipment is about 6 years old and has done a good enough job.
    However, I would have preferred Carrier with it's dehumidification option controls and the Comfort, Performance or Infinity series hands down.

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    I sell both and I like or the h/p the Carrier over the Trane, put a xl16i in for my father and we just took it out because of a bad compressor(Trane did give hima new unit)Because we sell both brands if they did not we would drop them.I asked the service techs what they like and they said the Carrier Infinity gives Carrier the nod. I await my 58mvp120 and 38ydb060 for my home. The boys at Arzel are hard at work so I can get the zone control to work with the Infinty control,all the mains boxed in and I do not want to rip down ceiling.
    It's NOT the BRAND,it's the company that installs it!!!!!

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