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    I'm looking to put in a Trane xv90 and both dealers tell me that a dual stage thermostat is not necessary.
    They tell me that the board decides what to do and that the
    stat only gives temperature info to the board.
    The Trane site seems to indicate a dual stage stat is needed.
    I want to do the right thing and the cost is not the biggest consideration.
    Please give me some advice.

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    with single stage stat
    1st stage come on when stat call 8 minutes later 2nd stage comes on
    two stage stat
    1st stage calls when stat is on 1st
    2nd stae call when stat is on 2nd
    unit will stage up and down as the stat tells it to
    with single stage stat
    unit will work off time from the board

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    This is a common question....WHY would anybody spend the extra money on 2 stage equipment and not a 2 stage stat????? You could let the furnace board automatically go to 2nd stage after x minutes, but the thermostat will control 2nd stage with the 2 stage stat....more comfort and energy savings. Get the 2 stage thermostat

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    The fact of the matter is it is NOT nesscesary, but its certainly an advantage to have it. I agree with the previous posts. The reason your guys say its not required is because you probably need another wire to your thermostat and neither of them want to do it.

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