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    Did a test, nd here is the outcome

    So here is what I have noticed going back to the analog Tstat.

    Tested for 2 days analog vs digital (basically same temps for 2 days). Tsat Temp was set to 75, outside temp was mid 80’s very sunny & humid.

    Analog tstat, stats:
    Runs for around 40 minutes at a time then shuts down for 12 minutes or so then repeats.

    Digital tstat, stats:
    Runs for around 15 minutes at a time then shuts down for 7 minutes or so then repeats.

    Based on this over the course of a 12-hour day my digital would run for 495 minutes (off for 231) my analog would run for 560 minutes (off for 168). Digital wins!

    I guess over all I’m better off with the digital tstat, runs less minutes, cycles about 3 times an hours and keeps the house much closer to the set temp.

    Glad I tried this I learned a lot.


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    That's interesting.

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    Does anyone use this tstat from a remote location (say a boiler room) using just an indoor sensor?

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    Stuff the hole behind the stat??

    Did you block any holes that me be behind the stat. If you have any kind of draft or way that the heat can transfer down the wall to the stat it will read the wall temp befor it reads the room temp.
    Too Old to be doing this

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    I have two of them working with remote sensors, no probs so far. The sensors are in the public hallways of a building, where we thought the VisionPro stats might get vandalized. The stats themselves are in equipment closets, well out of public view. I can't say I've had a problem with this setup, and I got to ditch the hideous lock-boxes & non-programmable stats.

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