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    I have never lived in a house that uses propane so I have no experience other than using my grill to cook steaks. Does propane heat a house as well as natural gas. Are there any notable differences? If I have to replace this unit at some point gas is now available in the area, so I will have the option. The local utility Co. will charge me 1K to bring it into my house I would spend that if it's worth it in the long run.



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    There should be very little difference between the two fuels in terms of how they heat the home...

    I would definately compare the fuel costs, including any tank rental fees you'll pay.

    Generally, LPG is way more expensive. It also is unregulated so the prices will vary from supplier to supplier and is more closely tied to the flucuations of oil prices as it's a by-product of the gasoline cracking process.

    $1K to bring NG in would be a better option in my opinion, provided you're there long enough to recoup the cost.

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    Both heat with exactly the same effectiveness. The only difference you'd notice is the tank must be refilled. Natural gas supply is hardly ever interrupted, but propane tanks can get emptied.

    Which is cheaper to heat a house with?

    The answer is:

    It depends on the price of each.
    Call your supplier & utility company for facts.
    Ask them to tell you how much a therm costs.
    Then you can compare apples to apples.

    Traditionally, propane has been more expensive, and probably will always be so.

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