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    No that was Techumseh that was built by Cracker Jack.

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    the compressors are built in tyler texas ... piston that is

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    Originally posted by heetseeker
    Thanks for your replies. Now the question is it worth it to go to the allegiance 12 for the scroll compressor and slightly better efficiency. I understand scroll is quieter but unit is in a location where that is not an issue. Found a prior post where there was controversy about whether recip last longer than scrolls. As far as increased efficiency, would the increased efficiency be reflected in the SEER rating or would it show up some where else?
    If you purchase: 2A7A2048A1000A condenser 12.0 S.E.E.R.
    TWE049E13FB Air handler/Variable drive
    BAYHTR1419BRK Heat Package/20 kw

    You will have 13.20 S.E.E.R.
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    Recips are made in Mexico and scrolls made in some unpronounceable city in Louisiana.

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    Originally posted by BaldLoonie
    Recips are made in Mexico and scrolls made in some unpronounceable city in Louisiana.
    Natchitoches. Pronounced nack-a-tish.

    Go figger?

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    Trane recips are assembled in Mexico. The casings are stamped in Tyler, and all the machined parts are made in Tyler. I'm not sure where the motor components come from, but I seen to recall being told they are made in the USA.
    I don't like that they are assembled in Mexico, but Trane claims that warranty failures went down.
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    Trane A/S recip compressors the rotolock kind are as tough as the scroll. Amer.Stand. has been putting them in for years and they have stood the test of time. Many of the dealers here have said why mess with something that works well and to leave it as it was.

    These units are the toughest on the market.

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