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    Does anyone have any thought on what Honeywell will do with Novar (i.e Trend and Alerton products)?

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    I have been curious about this as well.... mainly the Alerton part.

    I think they will just stick status quo. Look at the Fire division. They have Notifier, Silent Knight, Firelite, Gamewell, System Sensor... (I'm sure I'm missing some) and they let them all go separate.

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    Novar has a nice little versitle product now. Made in the U.K. Called "Novar IQ". I suspect Honeywell would like additional coverage in Europe.
    I dont think they'll change much with Novar.

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    Thats we thought about TAC buying Andover. At their global sales conference in October they stated they would retain all their channel partners (dealers)and nothing would change.

    Two weeks later they cancelled a dealer we knew. Two weeks ago they cancelled us.

    No reason given.

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    integrationx - You handled Andover controls or TAC? Just wondering how stable the TAC company is right now. Is anyone seeing the same? Seems like its hard to tell whats happening right now with Honeywell-Novar-Alerton then Schnieder-Tac-Andover then United Technologies ( Carrier ) - Automated Logic. We are looking to add a control line but it seems everthing is a little unstable right now. What we do now may hurt us in the future.

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    We handled Andover. My boss has (had) a twenty year association with Andover products.

    We were moving towards being 'vendor neutral' so it is only a problem for existing customers wanting product for service or expansion.

    Long term I think the controls industry will become a commodity business. System integrators will use product from various vendors. I believe this already happens in the LON world.

    The main point holding it back is that few old school technicians are capable of learning multiple controls systems.

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