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    Recently I got a quote on installation on a new Lennox G61v + Humidifier + Digital Therm + Lennox Pure Air...Approx. 1500 square foot house. Other homeowners are telling me that my quote is very high (XXXX) but I want to make sure I get a known company that will stand behind thier there another furnace/IAQ system that I should look at? Quite Furnance and Best IAQ are my always at a "reasonable price"

    Thanks for any advice.

    I know we can't talk price but....

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    So, how many bids did you get?

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    I have sold that Lennox Combo many times. Usually the price is similar to yours. Go for it.

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    How many quotes have you received?

    I am sure you have heard that you should have three. Just make sure they are apples to apples.

    Try making a list of equipment and add-ons that you require. Give them to the contractor. Allow him to make substitutions only on a separate second bid but the first should follow your scope.

    Good luck and welcome to the site

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    The Lennox G61 is a nice furnace but pricey the pureair is not what it was originally. They are using a substitute product in the catalytic grid and it is not very effective. At least not as effective as the original product.

    A better product IMO would be the Amana AMV9 furnace with their electronic air cleaner and HEPA bypass filter. If you get the HEPA with the Carbon permanganate filter it will remove VOC's odors and Radon.

    Amana/Goodman filtration products are manufactured by Five Seasons in Canada and are built to the highest standards in the industries.

    Regardless of the product the contractor is still paramount.

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