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    stay brite is the only low temp solder i know of aproved for refrigerant lines and should be used with stay clean flux. their may be others but havent heard of any yet
    you dont need nito because the melting point is low and flaking does not ocure. very little flux is needed and works well. by memorie it will hold 10,000 lb and hell i forget the vibrations. compressors should be brazed but have seen very few dummies solder them to
    if nitrogen is flowed with staybrite the solder will be pushed out and not alowed to flow into the fitting properly

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    Drcustom thanks. Believe it or not, I have only obtained three bids, all from very well established, reputable companies, no hacks even considered. I chose the one to use because they sounded more knowlegeable and professional than the others, answered my questions competently and courtiously, did not push variable speed over the phone without seeing my house and ducts, did not push any one brand very hard. They insisted on performing a heat loss/heat gain calculation, and a ductwork evaluation. They were willing to install almost any brand equiptment if I had a preference for a particular peice of eqiptment, for whatever reason. This is the company that I have the most confidence in. They just so happen to be the most expensive, but not by a lot. I am willing to pay a premium for the piece of mind that my system will most likely be a nice clean install, installed by techs with experience, and that will hopefully be as trouble free as possible for a long time. Obviously price is not the sole motivation of every homeowner's decision.

    Thanks for everyone's input, I appreciate the opportunity to participate in this informative board.

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    Buy American!

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    Thanks HvacPro. Next time I will try brazing instead of the Stay Brite. MAPP gas should get enough heat for brazing am I correct?

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    Actually mapp gas is a little light on the heat for brazing.. I just did the system in my house and tried mapp gas in my home soldering rig, but had to get my oxy acetelene bottles to finish. Maybe your situation is differnt but that was my experience.. A B tank with a turbo torch would be ideal I think.

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    I agree with 601fitter. Mapp gas alone did not have enough heat to flow Silverflow into the joint especially where there was a large heat sink. The first joint at the evap and suction valve. I guess with the 7/8" copper drawing heat away, the Mapp gas torch just doesn't have enough heat output. I bought a Mapp gas/ oxygen setup to see how well it works. I guess I should have Oxygen/Acetylene outfit but did not have the need for one yet. I cut with a plasma cutter when I need to cut metal. Maybe I need to buy more stuff.

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    For your first post, you revive a 3 year old thread?

    Nice start!
    If more government is the answer, then it's a really stupid question.

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    My bad Mark. I guess the new guy should shut up and go sit in the corner. In my past life I worked A/C and R in the Navy. Way bigger than this little 3 ton I just put in. It is nice to have a place to catch up a little when I need some information from the professionals. I've got to hand it to you guys. I don't think I would like doing this every day. So, I'll just go back to operating reactors for a living. It's easier.

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