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Thread: crimped copper

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    I went to set a couple of condensors and trim out a job today only to find that someone had bent the line sets strait up against the wall .Ofcourse noone would admit to doing it . The 3/4 I could work with but when I tried to straiten the 7/8 , it split on the sides just inside the wall cavity of a log home .Have any of you ever had trouble with bent line sets and what could i do to prevent someone from damaging them in the future.

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    only put them out of the wall about 10 to 12 inches
    and try to keep the about 8 nto 10 inches up so they fall into or close to the seam of the siding
    so the sider can cut the hole in the sidng and install it easer

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    I see stuff like that all the time with new construction. I wacthed a guy grading the side of a house and he bent the copper line set striaght up to get it out of his way. Told him WTF I hope your not the same guy that did the other 3 we had to fix, cause you just paid for this one. So if you dont catch them then you are SOL.

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    It's hard to keep the line sets straight after the job is completed. Nobody is there, so nobody can monitor. I don't know if you can guarantee nobody will mess with the line sets. I would definitely state the case. Blaming someone for this is like trying to find someone to blame for your drill being stolen off the job after you find out you've left it there for a week after completed, nobody will admit to it...of course not. Those people know they did something wrong.

    Sounds like a change order...if it's possible for something like this.

    Of course no one will will admit to it. Family Circus motto..."I didn't do it".

    Get back to work.

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    I have almost always graded just at the condensor & brazed it on right away.I have a few times left slabs setting up on leveling stakes & let them fill in later too.
    Take your time & do it right!

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    put them inside of piece of 2" metal hd pipe! make a hvy duty frame for use until grading done, then remove --

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