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    Hi again,
    I am looking at options for direct venting a high efficiency gas boiler. To keep the minimum distance under 15 feet for the 2" vent pipe I can vent the boiler between my house and my neighbour. The distance between the two house is 5 feet. The distance to the property line is 4 feet. Is this going to cause a problem? Is it a legal installation to vent that close to a neighbour's house?


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    It shold be fine, although in may are 12' is the minimum distance between homes. It shouldn't interfere with the neighbors siding, but an open window could receive some flue gas if the conditions were right.

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    The 2003 IRC states that termination of a direct vent system is to follow the MFG installation instructions. You should check with your local building department in regards to the code in your area. If this is a mechanical vent versus an actual direct vent, then the IRC has specific distances from buildings, openings and lot lines.

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