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    Replacement FP1 Sensor For Climatemaster

    Hi I have a Genesis GSS060 does anyone know where I can snag a cheap FP1 Sensor?


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    we use york defrost sensors work fine.probably any thermistor type sensor would work most of the ones i have seen have a similar temp to resistance reading

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    Don't Guess

    Temperature sensors are often either positive temperature coefficient or the reverse. Assuming they use a resistance scale, they can be "tight" tolerance or 'loose' tolerance.

    While one brand of equipment might use the identical sensor of another brand, I wouldn't bet on it, unless I read and compare the resistance scale on the equipment literature of both brands of equipment right in front of my eyes.

    Most people do not have that information, so unless you want to measure the resistance of a perfect original sensor at every temperature between 20 and 140 degrees (to make sure the ohm scales read identical),

    I wouldn't spend a lot of time and energy going down this path.

    hvac supervisor

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