Hello all at HVAC talk. I had a SLP98v Lennox gas furnace installed in place of a 1991 80+ about 6 weeks ago in December. The first thee weeks it was great. It was quite and the house has never been more comfortable. The gas bill came and again could have been happier.

Then the honeymoon came to a screeching halt. Condensate problems...... The inducer fan sounds like a flushing toilet at first then in second and third stage is sound like a turbo spooling up. Motor gets very hot. I'm now on the installers thrid attempt in fixing the issue. First was extending the trap. Second was replacing the inducer motor and fan assembley. They also put the proper slight lean to the left where the trap is on the furnace. When he took the old fan assembly out it was full of condensate.....not good. That fix worked for about three hours before you start to hear the water bouncing around when the inducer starts up.

Some basic info. I have about thirty feet of instake and exhaust. The first 5-6' is 2 inch then stepped up to three until it terminates. They checked the pitch and it seemed alright. As I mentioned the trap is on the left side. The furnace was installed with a slight lean back and to the right which was 100% wrong. This has been corrected but we are still having issues.

The next fix is the installer wants to put a T in the exhaust at the 2 to 3" transition, drill out and install a drain with a looped trap. Not sure if I'm crazy about that. Not sure if the State of Michigan inspector or Lennox would either.

It is draining some condensate into the pump but obviously not all.

Its getting a little frustrating to pay what I did for one of the quietest furnaces on the market and it sounds like a cross between a flushing toilet and deisel engine.

Any ideas for a fix or Lennox updates for the problem? How about my installer installing a drain in the exhaust line? Thanks for anything you can bring to the table.