I'm a little disapointed with York/UPG/Coleman. The time came to replace both of my heatpumps at the house and I was in my local Johnstone getting some other supplies and saw one of the Coleman Echelon heat pump units. It looked really nicely built with Copeland scroll and isolated compressor compartment. Well I got 2 units, A 2 ton and a 2.5 ton. I was really disapointed when I got them home and opened the cover, The 2.5 ton had a Bristol Benchmark RECIP. and the 2 ton had a standard Bristol RECIP. I was really dissapointed with york/coleman you would think that in a 12 seer heatpump which cost more than a ruud/rheem 12 seer they would give you a scroll. Has anyone else looked inside the York affinty 12 seer series (R-22) and noticed what kind of compressors are under the compressor blanket ???