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    Headsup..Armstrong is going to delete the sch13H series to
    the SCH14H..

    Sold any SCU14M units as of late? got one that I put in 8 months ago and the compressore overload will not close.
    Also looks like the molex plug got pretty hot.

    I went snooping around and found that sparky put in a 25 amp on it and the min was 27.9.
    Not saying this had anything to do with it..just looking at
    everything to try and get an understanding of what happen.

    Yep one of the ones that you say its a great unit and you should be good to go for the next 10 to 12 years.
    I swear I got to stop saying that,because........

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    Haven't sold any 14 SEER units. Super SEER is a big waste of money here with some of the lowest electric rates in the country. Do sell a few SHP12s. The 14M is a stripped Lennox made in the Lennox factory I understand.

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