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Thread: Goodman GMV9

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    For what exact reason do you think that Goodman are junk? Do you have any idea what you are talking about or are you just spewing out nosensical rhetoric with no backup?

    Todays Goodman condensing furnaces are 100% Amana technology which has been touted to be some of the best in the industry. Just what are you referring to when you make a silly, unsubstantiated comment like "I think Goodman are junk"? A remark like that only goes to show that you are indeed "not thinking" at all., and ye shall find;..
    So always seek the Truth, not just what you want to believe to be true…
    Ecclesiastes 10:2 NIV

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    I have been a Goodman dealer for the past eight years. Its true that their older models had problems with the heat exchangers, but those problems have been taken care of. Before selling Goodman, I sold Trane equipment for 7 years. At the present time I also sell Rheem for those that want a unit with brand recognition. Other than the heat exchanger problems with the older goodmans, I have had no more parts failures than with any of the other brands. A great deal of the people on this site seem to condemn Goodman based soley on the heat exchanger problems. If thats the case then why aren't we trashing Rheem still? Everyone raves about how good Rheem units are, but mention of their past heat exchanger problems never comes up.
    Goodman has as good if not a better warranty than many other brands. As for condemning them because of parts failures; its just rediculous. As for the parts these people are claiming are failing due to being in a Goodman furnaces. The manufacturers of a great deal of these parts are common to all furnaces. If they are failing in the Goodmans, they are also failing in the other brands, so lets trash them all! Its only fair!
    If a one or two year old furnace is having so many parts failures, the owners need to call in a new service company, since the current one apparently is missing the cause of these failures. Sounds like a problem with the install to me.
    The new Goodman units carry one of the best warranties and their breakdowns are no more common than any other units. Go with the Goodman furnace and save yourself some money.

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    Like I have siad before, they were IMHO as a 10 year furnace. They were priced as a 10 year furnace. They operated as a 10 year furnace. People can't knock a unit for doing what it is designed for and for the length of time it is designed for and for an appropriate price. Now maybe I see them as a 10 year furnace because of how they are used around my area. Due to their price they are the unit of choice of landlords. They typicaly receive no attention until broken. By which point they are filthy and may have developed multiple problems which I'm sure the filth contributed to. I myself use Ducane units for the landlord speacials, they are a bit cheaper than goodman around here and the distributor is 5 miles from my lawn.

    Now let's look at the curent goodman. They are using the Amana designs. Amana has as respectable a design as the next guy. They are What I would consider a 20 year furnace if installed and maintained properly. So why wouldn't the new Goodman's be the same. Also they will be less likely to be the choice of landlords and hacks as the price went up a bit with the ne designs. I bet in 10 years we'll be having this same discussion about Ducane instead. As I have stated before I hve never been a Goodman dealer, but I don't hold them in contempt like many of the people here do.

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