My name is Brian and I've been working as an oil heat tech for about 25 years now. Last April I was laid off because the company I was working for decided to go into AC too and where able to lay off out of order because of this. Can't blame them for trying to stay in business in these rough times.

So I'm upgrading my skills right now. I just completed my first semester in the HVAC Certificate Program though Suffolk County Community College. I enjoyed the AC course in September and did pretty good. Scored a B+ for the course and obtained Universal Certification from Ferris State University. Does this certification mean I know what I'm doing? No! I have a lot to learn.

Just about to begin my second semester and am looking forward to this summer. I have two more semesters after this one if I want to get my certification from SCCC. But I'm thinking of continuing and getting my Associates Degree. I have plenty of time to decide.

So I'll be checking out the site and trying to get some knowlege from the experts out in the field. Thanks for a great web site.