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    As an independent small business owner you know first hand the challenges of meeting the needs of your customer’s and employees while generating a profit. At morEnergy we know and understand these difficulties, we are independent business owners too.

    morEnergy is dedicated to the contractor community. Our primary objective is to design and deliver programs that allow you to increase sales and profits while you compete with larger well funded competitors.

    We recognize that your role is critical and vital in delivering the best possible service. We are committed to working with you.

    For additional inforamation please post your question here or give us a call at 1-905-306-8180

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    Can-a-Da what a mess. you rent movies.... buy waterheaters.

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    Not sure what you mean ?

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    reminds me of the time I first saw a tire rental store. I burst out laughing.

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    Most people in ontario rent there water heater from the utilities, only they are usually subjected to an annual rate increase. Rental of your water heater and other HVAC products is worry free as it includes parts a labour for ten years. As a contractor you are guarenteed the service work, it's a win win for both the contrator and the customer. As for tire rentals that is funny, I wonder how that works.

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    It's true that most water tanks are rentals in Ontario.

    How are you different from direct and what they offer?

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    Re: ?

    Originally posted by Hroper
    Can-a-Da what a mess. you rent movies.... buy waterheaters.
    We may rent water tanks but we also dont have many homeowners trying to do their own hvac. We need a licence to do work in all provinces, not sure we're all that meesed

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    From a contractors point of view our program allows you to keep your customers instead of feeding the competition. You get all the service work and retain a personal relationship with the customer, something that does not occur with other programs.

    The water heater is often overlooked and passed onto the larger companies that then use your customer’s information to sell them other products, do you get those lead?

    As for the customer, they are guaranteed piece of mind worry free operation of their equipment as parts and service are included in there low fixed monthly rate.

    There are other features that benefit the customer and contractor, let me know if you have any other questions

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    Have you thought about paying for an ad on this site?I'm sure Boss or BC ,will be suggesting what a could idea it would be.

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    Thanks that's a good idea any idea how I go about doing that

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    How many Canadian contractors use this forum?

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    How many Canadian contractors use this forum?

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