O.K. I'm in my midwest capecod with 1,100 Sq.Ft. brick. New windows, attic insulation. I've taken 2 estimates for Furn.&A/C replacement.
At this point I have just about ruled out the Armstrong & Goodman furnaces. The Goodman A/C I'm still considering, unless someone has some good advice. But everyone speeks of buying an extended warranty for each unit.
My questions:
--Are they MANUFACTURERS or after market warranties?
--Should I buy the above units and go with extendo warranties, thus saving the purchase of pricey units?
OR... Just go top of the line units and pay..pay..pay!
--Oh, and one contractor wants to put in a 110K BTU Goodman (and he said going down to a 90K BTU would only save $60..are they that close in pricing..sorry..I know pricing isn't supposed to be talked about..but this will give me insight to him as a CON?tractor.) and the other contractor wants to install a 67K BTU Armstrong.
--Are Tranes the real deal or can I get something in the middle and have very reliable product????

Thanks all...INDMRD