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    My neighbor had his TRANE heat pump serviced over a year ago. Ever since I can hear the heat pump humming LOUDLY through out my home. The entire SFH. I am in a community where the houses are closer together than normal, but for the first *two* years it was quiet.

    I have to keep a tv or fan on to block it out. You can hear it in every room. Needless to say, he says he will do something about it, if I pay for it. What could it be? Loose metal or what? Please help!!!!

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    sorry sounds like a tough one for you
    pay him for a tech to come out and find out what is wrong
    or try to pay half

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    The compressor. I'm bettin' it's the compressor.

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    Some older Trane units are louder than the new models. But it could also be a failing compressor. Some compressors slightly low on charge can get louder too. May want to ask him to have it looked at again.
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    well i don't think you complaining about something he has little control over will help. i have a old janitrol and the old man next to me is always complaining it's to loud tell him till he buys a new system for me plan on hearing it till it won't run anymore.

    does the system you have run ? if so close the windows and turn it on. could be worse you could live next to neigbors who party all night and play loud music. i'm glad i don't have enough time to worry with senseless little things like a loud a/s system. i'm blessed to be able to afford a hvac system at all.

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    Tough situation. I installed a cheap 12 seer the other day, that thing was so loud, if it was MY place I would have had it removed. The casing was making all kinds of noise.

    Have you talked with the nieghbor yet? If they are reasonable people hopefully they will help you out. Maybe it could be moved to another side of the house ($200-$400) or, try and quite it down check all the screws, etc.

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    Probably a loose screw on the cabinet allowing it to rattle. Grab a 5/16" nutdriver and visit your neighbor.

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    check the cover over the electrical compartment if there not installed right thay can make a racket.then send me half.

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    I have had them make so much noise the customer was sure the compressor was going out. Had one customer that placed concrete blocks on top to stop the noise.
    I would be willing to bet it is sheet metal and a couple of zip screw would cure it.

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    Alot of times what happens is when the ghange out is done and the lines recconnected, by sometimes moving the suction/summer hot gas/winter and if now this line (which wasnt before, is pushed in where its hitting inside wall, tubing resting right on wall where it stubs out, in the heating side being high pressure it transmits noise thru the walls and or ceiling its going thru, Ive had it happen, also had one owner complain the check valve was much noiser than old one both were Trane, which we all know tend to have alot of rattling with ck. valve especilly when they shut off.

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    Get a dog (unneutered). Measure the distance to your neigbors unit. Carefully position the dog's chain to just reach his heat pump. Make sure to feed your dog alot of acidic foods. (Put ketchup on his dog food) It might take a few years, but eventually your neighbor will have to get a new (and hopefully quieter) heat pump.

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    What does municipal bylaw say on maximum noise level at property line?

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    If it's a rattling noise, ask if you can tighten all the cabinet screws. Check fan vibration as the fan blade may have thrown a balance weight. Then offer to buy a compressor sound blanket.

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