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    Hi All,

    I’m going to have central air installed in my home and I have a few questions.
    First, and probably the most important how do I find a quality contractor?
    Second, I have 100 amp service in my home with no major electrical appliances (no electric stove, water heater, dryer etc.) and would like an opinion on if I can use the existing service for the new air conditioner? I have a 1500 sq ft ranch in Northern NJ with high quality windows and average insulation so I’m guessing I will need at most a 3 ton unit, what is the electrical requirements for a unit of this size? I know the contractor will spec out the real #s but I'm hoping for an educated guess if I will need to budget for an electric upgrade as part of the installation. I have a 220v 10-3 electric line that was used by a previous owner for an electric dryer available for the compressor unit if this is sufficient.
    After reading a good number of posts here I am leaning toward the Carrier Infinity as a top choice unit. I have high humidity in my area and the Infinity looks like a good performer for humidity control. Does going with a Carrier “factory authorized dealer” give me a better quality installer? Thanks in advance for your help.

    Rich V

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    I assume you have hot water or steam heat. and the AC system will be separate with new ductwork. I am in New Jersey and a Trane Dealer. Carrier, is a good piece of equipment, so is Lennox and so is Trane. You need a good installer.

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    Most 3 ton a/c units require a 30 amp service . 1 or two may require 35 amp maximum breaker but a lesser ampacity. Either way 10/3 gage wire is sutible.

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    Carrier Authorized Dealer Info (place in bottom left to enter your zip code to locate someone in your area),,CLI1_DIV109_ETI8442_MID4032,00.html?SMSESSION=NO

    More info on Infinity,3041,CLI1_DIV109_ETI8551_MID3655,00.html?SMSESSIO N=NO

    Trane Residential (be sure to check out the Trane System customizer)

    Locate a Trane Dealer (Look for a Trane Comfort Specialist)

    Extend to others the grace that God has given you.

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