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    Thinking about getting this thermostat, your thoughts?

    I currently have two thermostats on the first floor of my house(two upstairs also) but, I'm concerned with the gorund level. One stat for heat(OIL), the other for A/C. FYI, the house came this way, this is not something I did. So, I would like to automate my house and was thinking of having this stat(LINK) installed. The only thing that concerns me is that this stat calls for a "power(common) wire I believe and I am unsure if I have one between the two stats. So, my question is two fold. 1st., do most house have this needed wire? 2nd., how and who can I call to install this? 3rd. is there a way to find a local contractor via this site that can install the stat. THANKS!

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    nothing to think about... look into the prestige by honeywell.

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    Honeywell touch screen would work. It can use a battery if you don't have a common wire. If your two thermostats are side by side you should end up with an extra wire after you combine the two thermostats into one thermostat. You can use it as common. Ask your contactor.

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    If you don't have another wire to use as "common" you can always rely on battery power for the new thermostat. i would recommend a different stat- the honeywell 6000
    is a good choice. its digital programmable and easy to use- plus it takes two easily accesable AA batteries. using batteries on a digital prog t-stat instead of using a common wire is actualy quite common.(especially when changing from a mechanical t-stat) the purpose of the common wire is to allow your t-stat to be powered by the hvac equipment, so batteries do the job. On the honeywell 6000 - the batteries last for a LONG time and the display lets you know when they are low over a month before they begin to die. they are easily changed too because you dont have to take the control off the wall.

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    Speaking from a homeowner's prospective, and one that owns the Schlage Link products. I love having that. I have the door lock, several lamp controllers, the camera, and the thermostat installed. Yes, I have to pay a monthly service fee to use the online controls, but I am out of town often, and I really like the way the system works. My 'house' just sent me a text message this morning reminding me to change my furnace filter based on furnace run time, as a matter of fact. I had my HVAC company install this thermostat for me when I got a new furnace last November, which involved running a new thermostat wire to accomodate the extra connector.

    So anyway, if you're out of the house often, and have the need to control such things as your house temperature, door locks, security, etc from afar, it's worth it. Otherwise, I believe there are other thermostats out there that have wireless capability that don't charge a monthly fee to use.

    Oh, and when you have someone house-sitting, it is extremely fun to watch their reactions on the camera while you randomly turn the lights on and off in different rooms :-)

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