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    Venting an interior chase??

    I have a DV firepalce (heat n glo) that vents vertically approx 19 ft. The interior chase is approx 12' high and extends directly vertical above the FP. This a a PIER (3 sides exposed glass) FP.

    Anyway, I'm getting ready to button-up the chase with 3/4 CBU in prep for a lick-and-stick river rock finish. The install manual does not require venting this chase, and baised on the number of these installs I've seen, venting does not seem to be standard practice in this area ( or perhaps anywhere).

    However, the pipe does get hot and all that heat will be stuck inside the chase. Does anyone vent in this type of situation? I'm thinking it might be nice to move that trapped heat out of the chase and into the living space. If I did vent it would be for comfort/energy savings only, and not some type of overheat/fire protection. Would there be any advantage in venting twords this goal?

    Any thoughts on this?

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    Sorry that should have read 1/2" CBU.

    Anyone? Does anyone vent chases?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sorethumbs View Post
    Anyone? Does anyone vent chases?
    Not around here

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