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    Thanks Davem and all others who answered. I will be trying to get this set up starting mon. and will hopefully have it working correctly soon.

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    Just make sure you tell them you want circuit data and not packet data. They try to sell you the packet data option so they can charge the hell out of you. The packet data is for dialing into their isp to get email, sports scores etc. If you do not get the circuit data it will display call failed every time you try and connect. The link I used to get the drivers is
    Make sure and follow the install instructions to a tee and do not worry about the Mirco junk warning of Not Digitally Signed Drivers. Good Luck!
    Two wire hook up, three wire f**k up.

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    I garuntee you that this works with nextel. I use it. There is nothing to it. Get the 5 buck service from nextel and you can do it. There is nothing even confusing about it like these guys are talking.

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    As a follow up to something I posted a while back about using my cell phone and laptop to access my ISP. I am with Cingular. It can be done with a $25 data cable which will connect the phone to a USB port. However, I would need to add a "data package" to my cell service for about $50 per month. I decided to carry a 50 phone cord and ask the customer if I can plug into their phone line if I ever need to.

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