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    Success in the HVAC business is:

    1. A healthy and safe working environment.
    2. Having some control on your daily activities.
    3. Making $21 to $23 (4/4/05) an hour for residential work.
    4. Being able to give some input to the problems of the day
    5. Getting two or three weeks paid vacation a year.
    6. Having a company truck and taking it home at night.
    7. Being sent to a paid HVAC seminar once in a while.
    8. Extra pay for "On call duty."
    9. Get 6% commission for selling equip.while being a tech.
    10 Having a boss that values your input.
    11.Not being under a lot of pressure all of the time.
    12.Getting help on the job when you ask for it.
    13.Getting overtime once in a while.
    14.Not being talked down to.
    15.Having all or some of my medical paid.
    16.Getting a raise.
    17.Company supplied vacuum pump,rec.machine,recovery tank.
    18.Having a 401K plan that the company contributes to.

    I wrote this list in 1964 except for about 4 of them. (for #2 - then it was $2 to 3 an hour)and (#8) not all companies pay commission to techs, but if they do you can make a lot of money. For instance, not to long ago I sold TWO 4,000 residential jobs in one week (8,000 x 6%comm. = $480.00)That's 480 + my pay of $23 x 40 = $920 + 480 = $1400 that week. That is not bad pay for residential work. Yes I work all year. I had many other sales that year.

    Every company I worked for from 1964 met at least 14 of this list or I did not stay. Don't let some "A" hole make your work life misserable. Write down what is important to you, and go for it. And please make sure you make good money. And you will, be good at what you do and the money will come. You must find out where the good money is and go there. What is good money? as of this date (4/4/05) $40,000 to 60,000(for a 40 hour week)a year,plus benefits and possibly commissions.


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    I have 17.5 of the 18 on your list if you count a tax deferred IRA through the company as half of #18.

    I have a good setup where I am now, but holly crap I'm getting bord of working almost exclusivly on newer residential equipment.
    I miss the variety of my last job where I was working on residential stuff from 60+ years old to the most modern high end equipment, a broad spectrum of light commercial equipment, specialty chillers, etc.
    Kinda funney really, I used to think some of the crap I was working on was an unholly nightmare. After 4 years away from it, I actually miss the stuff.
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    Nothing there is asking too much! You have got to be a real tech to get it though...
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    What Planet are You From, In Over 25 Years Of Service In 8 States, I Haven't Seen 1/3 Of Your List.
    And Stay Away From Florida!
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    Originally posted by cracker
    What Planet are You From, In Over 25 Years Of Service In 8 States, I Haven't Seen 1/3 Of Your List.
    And Stay Away From Florida!
    whats wrong with FL.?

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    If you have 25 years and you havent seen that then there is either something wrong with you or you are working in 3rd world countries that claim to be states. It is not hard to get 1/3 of those. Heck 2/3 should be the standard with out question but the whole thing is what every ones base goal should be. Like previously mentioned this is the goal for a modest life as a tech.

    As a manager I would like to see the list and what a managers goals are. As a tech I can get this or know a few places to go to get it. As a manger though I am still a newby who is just excited about getting a shot at trying to improve the company I work for.

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