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    i've got a retro job that I'm finishing up, I'm coming into the job to start up the system. I'm an installer and I don't do load calcs but i'm starting to wonder if this house has the right size unit. I don't have duct sizes yet but was hoping my temps and pressures might help me figure out the problem. Basically from the home owners stand point we're barly getting warm air from the registers. I'm only getting 81 degrees out of the supply registers.

    Variable speed A.H. set for 2 1/2 ton
    Outdoor unit is 2 ton
    I this my problem or is this regular practice?

    Here is some readings that I thought could help.

    2TWR2024A1000A heat pump with a TWE031E13FB air handler (Trane).
    In heating mode no aux heat
    outdoor temp 45
    indoor temp 72
    Return air temp 62 @ indoor unit
    supply air temp 81 @ indoor unit
    LOW psig 57 (saturation temp 32)
    HIGH psig 180 (saturation temp 92)
    LLT at service port 76
    LLT at indoor unit 73
    Vapor LT at service port 106
    Vapor LT at indoor unit 110
    hot gas line temp at compressor 123


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    The TWE031 control board set it for 2 ton on first 2 switches
    Then set next switches for 400 cfm
    Then next switches for enhanced mode
    then set the next 2 switches for 800 cfm

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    Definitely get the blower set right. Moving too much air isn't good. I've found that the Climatuff recip never does give much of a temp rise. So if pressures match the chart (check again after slowing blower) you are doing the best you can. With what you have now, the chart calls says you are right on the button. But how come your return temp is 10 degrees below house temp? Leaky return eating up 1/2 of the temp rise? There's the culprit.

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    I noticed the return temperature drop too so were going to check for leaks and wrap the return air plenum. Its a difficult crawl and hard to get materials in and out so thats probably why the return wasn't wrapped. Their fondation vents are open and not closable so cold air is blowing directly on the return air plenum. I told the home owner they need to put something in there in the winter.

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