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    I have a bid for a new Lennox 5-ton system consisting of a HS26-060 (13.30 SEER)+ C33-50/60 coil w/TVX valve + G6OUHV60C-090X Lennox Signature two-stage furnace + a Silver Cloud mid-efficiency air filter. I'm paying $6,670 installed and hooked up to existing copper lines and vents. Is this the best equipment set-up for the price? Am I getting my money's worth? Is the Silver Cloud filter necessary? Please advise ASAP as I'm needing to replace soon.

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    Very nice Lennox system. Never heard of a silver cloud air filter. I prefer the Lennox P-Mac or Aprilaire (basically the same unit.) We can't and shouldn't discuss pricing issues on this forum. Prices vary greatly by locality and issues pertaining to your particular job. No two are exactly alike. Good luck!
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    you got top line and good value to
    great system find out about the warrenti on it to
    a little more you can get up to ten years parts and labor

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    You have top of the line equipment. Let's hope you have top quality installers. I personally would upgrade to HSX 15 to get R410A refrigerant. Why not?

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    Like others said, price discussion is not allowed on this forum, for many reasons.

    Having said that, the price you posted would blow the doors off anything I would quote for comperable equipment.

    Lets just hope you don't end up with a "Wall of Shame" installation.
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