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Thread: On Call Pay

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    The company i work for has a pretty good on call pay arrangement. you take the total amount for the call.. subtract parts cost then take whats left and divide by two. you get half the call minus parts cost. we charge a 90.00 dollar service charge just to show up then 90.00 per hour so a 1 hour call is going to make you a minimum of 90.00 plus you also get half the parts markup. so if you replaced a 200.00 dollar motor and cost was 100.00 you get half that 100.00 markup. on that 1 hour call you just made 140.00 i had a thousand dollar saturday back in january when i was swamped with no heat sure makes being on call a litle less stressful. Bob

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    For the imposition of being on call we pay the tech one hour time and a half for Saturday and one hour double time for Sunday, PLUS $10 for every phone call he calls back. If the tech responds to a call, it's time and a half from the time he leaves his house till he gets home (Saturdays) and double time for Sundays. Our techs go about thier normal life when on call they just take their cell phone with them. Of course we're commercial/industrial and when we get an off hours call it is a real emergency, building engineers don't want to come in on a weekend or evening anymore than we do.
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