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A friend of mine installs hvac equipment whenever and however he can do it...he cannot do the wiring and has very limited knowlege of any service type work that needs to be done to a unit and has limited troubleshooting skills so he calls on me to cover his back whenever problems arise or he needs help wiring something.
Now the gentlemen in question who installed this unit is an expert installer with the exception of being able to troubleshoot electrical problems. He has no problem installing main voltage to the units and running tstat line and mounting tstat and all his installs adhere strictly to code and beyond. On many installs I do with my company I use this individual to install.

So which is it he can or can't ?

Either way it doesn't take an Einstein to figuire out that by your posting your friend most likely isn't going to be covering a warranty installation either so the homeowner has lost even more.

Most of the people on here will tell you that price does not reflect whether a person is a hack or not, its whether or not they do do quality work and are able to service the equipment they legaly install and are licensed to provide such services in their areas.

Just because someone stayed at a Holiday Inn Express the night before doesn't make them an expert the next day either lol

But hopefully the homeowner and others learned a valuble lesson in this which I think was the intent of the post.