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Thread: goodman install

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    looks good.....but who's going to hold up the air handler so you can clean the coil in a few years???
    You're only as good as your customer will allow you to be.........If they want junk, sell them junk, but make your junk look neat!!!

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    What kinda static were you running?

    Im finishing up a ASPF3137 in a crawl space.....with duct repairs and will be interested to see what static I am running after all my effort.

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    Well here’s what I think… that looks more like a running trap and the cleanout should be capped. Transition looks bad as well. No filter base, why not? I use Honeywell F100 bases on nearly all installs there is no excuse not to offer this. Putting in an AHU without a filter base is BAD practice in my opinion.

    What is the high voltage conductors run in outside? Looks pretty tight to be run in ½ or ¾ conduit. Please tell me that’s not just Romex coming out of the wall!

    Also always, always, always install a condensate safety switch! I use SS2 switches.

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    We have started using 3/4 pvc unions for drains for easy cleanout...putting them near the coil makes for easy access to coil instead of cutting and adding yet another coupling or re doing athat part of drain alltogether

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