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    so true

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    I would request heat loss/gain calcs from both contractors. Compare unit outputs to loss/gain calcs of house load. This is to determine whether you need a 3 ton or 4 ton unit. You just want to make sure the unit is sized properly for your house to be happy in the long run even though it may cost more! Once you know what size then check each contractor's work for quality installation. Look at other jobs! Or get referrals.

    "The bitterness of poor installation lingers long after the sweetness of a cheap price"
    Just finished a changeout that took over a week, due to the side-jobhack who told the homeowner he had been to school and presently worked for a hvac contractor. FYI duct tape doesn't hold flex to metal pipes or boots for very long. And a 12X8 duct shouldn't feed .......oh never mind.
    Never the less the homeowner is tickled pink with the air flow and quietness of their new 6 ton Envision. Their top of the line equiptment is now matched by good air flow and heat transfer.

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    to get the benifits want you need to compare apples to apples.the ducts are so important will they be pressure tested.its important.then what about service after thats company has great service. we lose some jobs to cheaper bids we concentrate on overall system eff.the earth coupling the load calcs the ducts thats what your comparing not equipment or model and serial numbers.does the company care enough to employ nate certified techs and installers do they have the proper tools to test your ducts will you be getting what you think your paying for or just making some wanna be rich.the company you choose will be the most important thing not the equipment good luck when geo is done right its a beautiful thing
    I've installed a top notch ground loop system and had attached it to Bard Equiptment and the only thing the customer had to say was that it sounded like a freight train was in the basement. Also they were extremely unhappy with the supposed energy savings that was supposed to pay them back.

    Soooooo. good WaterFurnace equiptment is the only way to go.

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