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    Does anyone have experience with the latest and greatest Wattmaster BAS system. I'm designing a AAON, Nailor VAV system (DX RTU, electric heat in VAV boxes). The local AAON rep suggested Wattmaster for controls but I've never used them. I've only used Alerton and Trane controls.

    How does Wattmaster compare to Alerton in terms of graphics, remote access, trending?

    Sean Cantrell

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    Cant say much about alerton or trane controls. Only messed with Alerton a bit, and it was very complicated, for me. 98% of the work I do is with Wattmaster Controls. Using Heat/Cool change over VAV Boxes, Cooling only controlers with hot water re-heat, and the Dual Duct System.
    Graphics are better now with Prism II. Trending can be done in intervals from 1 minute to 60 minutes on the Boxes and Unit controlers. Remote access is by the old-fashioned Dial up, or with an IP-Link kit with the right Comm-Link.
    All in all, once you use it and familiarize yourself with it, its really user friendly. Hope this helps.


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    Wattmaster is Mickeymouse. You get what you get, no customized programs, bells, whistles, canned programs.

    Alerton is much more, the sky is the limit, graphics are better, very usesr friendly, but if your not a dealer you will have to get one involved.

    I work alot with both and find Wattmaster very adaquete, if the unit is stand alone, I have worked on a few Wattmaster VAV systems w/ Prism and find it to be, well, Mickeymouse, but it does get the job done. Since you are doing a VAV system, I would lean toward Alerton or Trane. There is so much more you can do w/ these systems.

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    I had a site with 9 AAON units with WattMaster controls installed. The modes of operations of the VCM controller are rather simplistic with a few options. If you are going to be integrating 2 major products, hold on for the ride.

    At the site I had to set up the App Engineering was jacked from the beginning, not to mention the Mech Engineer with the OverAchiever ways of doing things. What I ended up with is BacNet devices controlling VAV's, etc, and a "PT-Link" converting the ModBus from the WattMaster/Orion Controls "VCM" board in the AAON unit to BacNet. This PT-Link is a Field Server and was not too hard to figure out.

    My only real complaint is with the PT-Link. If one of the AAON's go down for any reason comm's to that unit are down for over 20 minutes, i.e. the PT-Link to ModBus, vice versa, is slow.

    You will need to work with the AAON rep or get ahold of a service tool or a RS-485 adapter and Prism II software to set the AAON unit to the mode you need to operate in.

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    Last winter I attended a WattMaster training class for three days. What they may lack in custom features they more than make up for in customer service, dependable systems and competitive pricing. All of the systems they sell are primarily for the package and split system market. The fact that they are simple is what makes them good to use.
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