I’m putting in a new concrete patio and would like to wrap it around the side of the house and place my two AC condensers on the new patio. I currently have a 20 year old 2.5 ton unit and a <1yr old 3 ton Carrier unit.

Why am I doing this???

Currently the units are in a small depression that allows water to pool in the area. By placing them on the patio, I will be able to elevate the area and slope the ground away from the area. In addition, the units will be on a solid level surface which is not the case today.

Where to go from here???

In my mind, I have two options to accommodate the new patio…

First; the condensers could be jacked up to allow enough room for the concrete to be poured underneath. The benefit of this option is that it will not cost any additional $s. The drawback of this option is the potential for damage to the units.

Second, the condensers could be disconnected and moved 10 feet, and then moved back and reconnected when the patio is complete. The benefit of this option is that it will be performed by a licensed AC company and the possibility of damage will be reduced. The drawback is that to perform the disconnect/reconnect, the charge is in the neighborhood of $800 for both units.

I have a couple of questions…
1. Am I missing any other... better options?
2. Which option makes the most sense?

Thanks in advance for the assistance.