I would not bypass the safety because I don't want the heater to blow up or something but you guys are right, some people might try. I disconected the 'G' wire from the thermostat and the blower still runs.

Question: I tested the Limit, primary, gas (Labeled S10). It is located right after the 24V side of the transformer. It seems like this should be a normally closed limit switch because it provides power to the red wire of the thermostat. I removed the Limit, primary, gas and put an ohmmeter on it and the circuit is open. I guess this should be replaced?

I still do not no why the blower would be running especcially since all the thermostat wires have no voltage. I guess the Blower circuit board has a short or something. The board looks clean, no blacks fault marks, but the blower should not run with no 24V power to the blower relays? I guess I will replace the blower circuit board also.

I will replace the Limit, primary, gas and blower circuit board unless someone can help with this problem.