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    Post Seeking Employment- comm/ind HVAC service/controls- SW FL

    I am seeking employment in the Southwest Florida area. I would appreciate consideration for service, operation, and / or management of HVAC controls, equipment and / or systems. I am currently a member of Steamfitters Local 602 in Washington D.C. We are relocating to the Cape Coral/ North Fort Myers area in June 2005. I am planning my first work day on or after July 1.

    I have the willingness, knowledge and ability to be a primary asset. I am reliable, able-bodied and get along well with others. My communication skills are very good, as well as reading, writing and math. I absorb information and new concepts well, have a good memory for technical data and employ logical reasoning. I enjoy and am proficient using computers in HVAC, reference and administration applications.

    I look forward to a mutually beneficial arrangement. Thank you for your attention. My resume follows.

    David D. Williams

    2 Corduroy Court; Stafford, VA 22554
    Phone (202) 359-1997; Home Phone (540) 720-7101
    Email davnbon at

    Q U A L I F I C A T I O N S

    Possess a wide knowledge base and professional skills required in commercial/ institutional/ industrial HVAC service. Have been exposed to many different types and brands of equipment and systems in as many size ranges and varying environments. Am able to successfully deal with most HVAC service/maintenance needs, as well as system renovation, design alterations, or changes to sequence of operation. My seasoning in the HVAC-service field enables me to see the overall view of systems, to give weight to each element proportionately. I continually strive to broaden my experience and improve my skills of the trade.

    Have executed duties in several specific roles over the years. Though mostly as Service Tech and Controls Tech, also as Field Foreman, Construction Manager, Commissioning Agent, Operating Engineer, and Trainer. My last five years with an Energy Savings Performance Contractor (PGOV) have expanded how my HVAC expertise is utilized.

    The bulk of my experience has been work performed on the five Army Bases in the Military District of Washington, comprised of several hundred commercial, institutional and industrial facilities, and thousands of residences. Diversity, in the engineering and usage of the facilities, provides a wide scope
    of equipment size, type, and complexity. From schools, hospitals, and shopping malls; to research labs, weapon simulators, communication facilities and high ranking government and military office buildings, the needs are vast and high priority.

    Along with pneumatic and electronic controls, I’ve become familiar with DDC systems from Johnson, Honeywell, CSI, Basys, Landis and Gyr, Trane, and Siebe. Worked extensively with rooftop units, air and water source heat pumps, DX air cond., AHU’s to 100 hp, (recip., screw, and centrifugal) chillers to 1000 ton, pumps, cooling towers, steam to 125 psi and hydronic heating systems, and peripherals, i.e.: motors to 100 hp, starters to 4160 vac, VFD’s, valves, dampers, actuators, drives, and machine controls. List could Include many different configurations and variations of each, too numerous to list.

    W O R K H I S T O R Y

    HVAC Service Journeyman, Pepco Government Services LLC 2000-Present
    Service and maintain commercial and industrial HVAC equipment and control systems.

    HVAC Control Tech., Dyncorp Corp. 1992-2000
    Service and maintain commercial and industrial controls systems and peripherals. Continue to service HVAC mechanical equipment and systems as troubleshooter.

    HVAC Mechanic, Dyncorp Corp. 1985-1992
    Service and maintain residential, commercial and industrial HVAC systems.

    E D U C A T I O N

    James Monroe High School, 1984
    OJT; Throughout 20 years in the trade, attended manufacturer-rep. training provided with new buildings and equipment, learned from well experienced mechanics, self-taught through reading and research, and continually gain knowledge in all aspects of HVAC and associated disciplines.

    L I C E N S E S & C E R T I F I C A T E S

    • Master HVAC, VA Tradesman License, 2004
    • EPA Universal Refrigerant Usage Certification, 1994

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    Dwilliams: It's best not to give out your cert # it's the same as your Soc Sec. Good luck in Fl.

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    thanks pecmsg, good idea, point taken.

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