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    I attempted a Lonworks/Tracer Summit integration today, and it failed miserably! I was able to load the Lonworks device into my laptop with LonMaker and see all of the data just fine. We were able to connect the device to the COMM5 port on the Tracer BCU, set it up in the Summit Software, then press the service pin and everything appeared to be rolling along. We set up some AI/AO/BI/BO, we were able to see the point names and SNVT descriptions. Finally, we checked status on the points and they all all read 0, regardless of what the value is. The communications in the summit for the device shows normal. Has anyone dealt with this problem before? Is there something I forgot to do? I can see it using LonMaker, but LonMaker uses LNS and doesn't need the .XIF files, Tracer Summit uses API and needs the .XIF (maybe we have the wrong .xif?). Any insight from a Trane pro would be greatly appreciated.

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    Setup the device in the Summit Garbage. After you have done that then load them up from the device (XIF).

    Summit is running some API. There are ways to run them simultaneously, although it's not a good idea... I can go on and on about the things to look out for.

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    summit BCU uses modified peak components api ( ), with lots of holes.
    Sounds like BCU is not recognizing xif.
    Make sure GLD is pointing in the right direction (file location).
    Xif may be matrix based which BCU has always had problems with, if this is true, need to send xif to st.paul so Trane basd boys write a patch for it.
    This will not be fun for you, unfortunately.

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    Innocon - Perhaps you should consider using a gateway device that can put your network tool on a separate domain. That way if Summit is putting in a different subnet ID to remain proprietary Lonworks you can get a gate and it won't matter.

    Look up and check out their L-Proxy device. That may solve your problem.... unless you follow that recent thread and find out where to do it in LM.

    Loytec guys are nice, I'm sure they can help you out.

    EDIT- As Amigo pointed out, that ICE company does the Trane LON interface. Lonmaker automatically assigns subnets to keep interoperability. You have an additional problem because the Trane way automatically goes through the network and "destroys" everything you have done.... Nice company. Screwing up a nice idea. Maybe you could even get a hold of the ICE network tool or find a way in the Trane application of it and change the subnet to match. .... or watch the other thread.

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    Did this ever get resolved?
    If not you can call your local Trane office and have them flush the peak database and start the installation of the device over.
    You should also upgrade the BCU image to 16.053 which is the latest to date.
    As posted in another thread, the upgrade from v11-15 to 16 the software is free, but the labor is not. (it's an easy upgrade)
    Clear ram/reset/code and set to 16.053 then reinstall the device without connecting the lonmaker tool.
    That should do it. You should not need to reconfigure your BI/BO/AI or AO points.
    Just hint, you dont always need the .xif file if you know the snvt numbers..

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