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    I notice that when people ask questions, generally they receive replies asking more questions.

    It was suggested to me to get 3 bids and then come back and report to you what I found.

    However, it seems to me that when I do so, you will want to know this and that about my house, where I live, etc.

    Instead, could you give me some workable list of questions about my situation that you would need answered in order to make some suggestions ?

    I'll give you some info to start, and you can tell me what else you want to know:

    House built in 1979
    2 Furnaces - same models
    2 AC units - one 2 ton, one 2.5 ton
    All 4 units are the original article - 26 years old
    I live in Atlanta, GA
    The house is 2 stories, with the upper level about half as big as the lower.
    One set of ducts goes to only 1/2 of the lower level.
    The other set of ducts goes to the other half of the lower level and the entire upstairs.
    The house is not tremendously well insulated.
    It is on a slab.
    It has vaulted ceilings.

    In addition, it likes long walks on the beach, cozying up by the fireplace, reading, and traveling.

    This way, I will have much more of a clue about what may be appropriate for my house before the sales guys visit.

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    what part of atlanta are you in?
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    What size duct work?

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    What kind of books does it like?

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    what's it's sign?...........i'm a Gemini.

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    You might as well go to a different site to ask your question.

    I have noticed as well that most who respond here are just smart enough to formulate a smart a$$ answer.

    If your looking to upgrade, just go basic upgrade. Don't go full out, you'll never get your money out of it. Don't go base models, not good for resale.

    If you have that old of systems, going with a 12seer/80% would be an upgrade! Don't touch the old soon as you do, you might as well replace it all. That is unless it has holes in it, massive air leakage.

    Well, that's my $.02.

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    I would lcall a local TRANE rep out and have them gice you and estimate on 2 XV90 variable speed furnaces with 2 matching XL16I AC units. With the vari speed you don't have to worry about hot and cold spots and it will keep you much mor comfortable through out the year.
    1. Get an estimate on Vari spd 2 stage with 14+ SEER A/C. Honeywell Electronic air filter ( F300 ) and for your Health Clean the ducting and add Honeywell UV lights to the system. If you do not like TRane. Lennox equipment is good, Carrier is good, All Equipment is Good . IT MATTERS WHO INSTALLS IT..

    Remember you get what you pay for! If you want comfort your looking to spend about 18k to have done correctly or you can have it hacked in for about 14k. Our installs include 10 year parts and labor programs with Maintenance
    included for the first 3 years.

    Good Luck

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    vapor rush is right dont get nuts with all the bells a whistles
    if you old units do a good jpb and heat and cool with out any major problems then just replace then with a better grade. 80% furnace and 12 to 14 seer

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    I agree .... if your sole purpose is to save money.

    If on the other hand you want some of the other comfort features that come with a higher end unit, then figure out what thats worth. Im not saying to spend the extra, just realize that if your already spending a fortune, you might as well be comfortable when its all said and done.

    All equipment is NOT equal, dont buy that line. Granted, the install is crucial and a major part of a system, a low end unit will not perform like a high-end unit with installs being equal, but a good install will allow for the lesser unit to last longer than a high-end unit installed by a hack.

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    Originally posted by detroit_pierogi
    One set of ducts goes to only 1/2 of the lower level.
    The other set of ducts goes to the other half of the lower level and the entire upstairs.
    All this advice on what this guy should do, but nobody tells him the most important thing he needs to have repaired is the screwed up duct system.

    Buy a 16 seer, throw in a good filtering system, add some UV lights……..But the Trane Comfort Specialist didn’t even mention lets correct your duct system so you will be comfortable and have the lowest possible utility bills, and allow your equipment to give you years of great service.

    I guess this is what NATE gets you.

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    OK. Cool. I appreciate all of the input.

    We have dueling positions on one thing:

    1. Don't touch the duct work, or you'll have to replace it all

    2. Fix the screwed up duct system

    What makes you think that doing work on it will result in an all or nothing situation ?

    If I want to get my screwed up duct system fixed - I assume that means reconfiguring it somehow so that the air is distributed differently - in what way should it be reconfigured ?

    What am I trying to accomplish with reworking the ducts ? (taking my present situation into consideration).

    In answer to the other questions: 1. Roswell, GA - about 15 minutes north of Atlanta. 2. True Crime 3. I don't know what size duct work. (If it walks like a duct, and talks like a duct, it's probably a duct - I just made that up).

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    Get a contractor who can show you proof he is capable of designing a duct system for your house, and who is willing to show it to you on paper with all the BTU’s for each room, and the duct sizes to each room. He will need to perform a Manuel J, and Manuel D.

    It is possible he can use part of your existing duct system.

    We can not design it here for you.

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    That wouldn't be a split level ranch you're talking about?
    They do tend to have three areas and most around here are either a single system or two system doing what you have there- one for a section and one for the other two areas.

    My parents' house has the same setup, "basement" and middle level on one, 2nd storey over basement has own system.
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