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    I am looking to buy a 2 ton packaged heat pump unit. which of these two have any major advantages.

    any other in this price range?

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    both lower lines.

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    well lets talk specifics. ( i want the 12 seer model)

    compressors, warranties what?

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    Your installing contractor should be able to help you with the specifics.
    After all, he is providing the warranty for his work?
    How tall are you Private???!!!!

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    Nordyne-Westinghouse is a premium product. Not a lower line as airworx says. Obviously he is not familiar with them.
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    What sets Grandaire & Goodman apart that makes one better than the other?

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    If it's for a manufactured home,compare the Static ability of the indoor fans,and have them check you duct, return filter ,and grilles sizes,they are often too small.

    If you don't or can't move enough air,it will cost more to operate and likely fail sooner than it should.

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    thks dash for you reply. this is a new installation in an old house that is off the ground so ducting will be run under floor.

    I have been advised to run large ducts and use the vents to control and fine tune the airflow.

    any comments about type of ducts would be welcome.

    I have also heard Nordyne has been awarded Scroll award for number of years and in a packaged unit they are tops

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    The duct system should be sized by ,first doing a "room by room" Man. J,to determine the cfms needed for each room.Then a Man. D,to size the ducts proerly for the cfm required.Not all contractors will be able to do this properly ,so be specific in what you want when calling for an estimate.

    With floor grilles ,it's important to have enough "throw" (how high the air will go),in cooling this is critical,as cold air falls.If the cold air doesn't get above 5,6 or 7',the home will not be comforable.

    Lot's of "rules of thumb" in this business ,some may work out,most won't.

    "If you don't measure,it's just a guess"

    Not that familar with Nordyne package units,if you want the best,I'd look for one with a variable speed indoor blower,better overall performance then a standard PSC motor.

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    Exclamation Goodman !!!

    goodman over grandaire anyday. anyone who tells you grandaire is quality is pulling your leg..i have installed them and their far from topline equipment..

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