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    My intent was never to ask how to screw you guys over.

    You are attributing all kinds of bad motivations to me.

    The reason I put the question up buying the stuff online was to get your reactions, but not to get barked at.

    I am coming from a place of severe ignorance.

    That's why I am asking these questions.

    As I have mentioned, I "sell" workers comp and general liability to construction/contractors. (sorry).

    If I was on a board and you came and said that you found workers comp for 1% of payroll, I would explain how that really could not be so. However, I would not yell at you about how you are evil and have "a lot of balls" for trying to investigate what you consider to be your options. I know that you don't deal with workers comp all day - I do.

    My first and only experience with having someone give me a number for replacement of 2 AC units and 2 furnaces pretty much knocked me over. What was I expecting ? What do I think is reasonable ? Do I have a clue about reality in the hvac business ? In order, the answers are 1. I don't know 2. I don't know, and 3. no.

    What number did I get ? Well, if I got a home equity loan of $ 30k, half of it would go to the Trane guy. Is that out of bounds ? I don't know. You guys do this for a living, not me.

    I know that somewhere in here I am going to get beefed at for mentioning the unmentionable (aka $).

    Anyway, now that you think that I am the root of all evil, even if you think that I would be getting the shaft, you might enjoy telling me that I was getting a good deal.

    In any event, my intent was never to offend you guys.

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    Post No Problemo Dude :-)

    Sounds inline perhaps for your local less than I would qoute for comparable systems here, Southern California.

    You need some comparisom qoute apples to apples, spec out.

    A guy tells you he's going to provide 2 ac total of x tons is not spec's...You need equipment detail, installation details.

    What makes one qoute more valueable than the next for the same equipment.

    You sell insurance you know what were talking about. Just experienced the issues of poor liability insurance with a non admaitted company to California, were getting screwed so did our customer. Apples to Apples, okay!
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    With all the stuff thrown at that other thread, I can't remmember if you mentioned seer, or afue, for the equipment.

    Was it top of the line Trane stuff, that carries a real hefty price tag.

    Lots of bells and whistles, that you may not want.

    Ask for a bid on mid grade equipment instead, if they quoted you top of the line.
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    Get three detailed estimates and then let us know.

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    I appreciate you guys replying.

    Everyone else appears to be too enthusiastic about laying into me than offering something helpful.

    I think that I have apologized about 3 times and just a few minutes ago another jumped on the bandwagon, telling me how out low I am to even ask about stuff available online.

    I am learning some things, but the first 5 "hey, you suck" replies were enough for me to catch a clue.

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