My intent was never to ask how to screw you guys over.

You are attributing all kinds of bad motivations to me.

The reason I put the question up buying the stuff online was to get your reactions, but not to get barked at.

I am coming from a place of severe ignorance.

That's why I am asking these questions.

As I have mentioned, I "sell" workers comp and general liability to construction/contractors. (sorry).

If I was on a board and you came and said that you found workers comp for 1% of payroll, I would explain how that really could not be so. However, I would not yell at you about how you are evil and have "a lot of balls" for trying to investigate what you consider to be your options. I know that you don't deal with workers comp all day - I do.

My first and only experience with having someone give me a number for replacement of 2 AC units and 2 furnaces pretty much knocked me over. What was I expecting ? What do I think is reasonable ? Do I have a clue about reality in the hvac business ? In order, the answers are 1. I don't know 2. I don't know, and 3. no.

What number did I get ? Well, if I got a home equity loan of $ 30k, half of it would go to the Trane guy. Is that out of bounds ? I don't know. You guys do this for a living, not me.

I know that somewhere in here I am going to get beefed at for mentioning the unmentionable (aka $).

Anyway, now that you think that I am the root of all evil, even if you think that I would be getting the shaft, you might enjoy telling me that I was getting a good deal.

In any event, my intent was never to offend you guys.