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    Hello I am looking for some suggestions. My company wants to use programmable thermostats to reduce our energy costs during non working hours(nights weekends mainly). AS a start I have been looking at Honeywell T7300 and T7350 that have the ability to communicate with Lonstat and LonSpec software. Am I going in the right direction? Any suggestions? How much does the software usually cost? I appreciate any help. Thanks.

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    What type of units?

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    I have been looking at programmable thermostats that can be linked up to a central computer for easy control. Our plant is decent sized so we would have multiple thermostats that would need to be set and maintained? I am just not sure which way to go and what the cost would be.

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    Again, what type of units? You may find a cost advantage to using ASC controllers. Then you can add features easily like Supply air temperature, fan status, direct economizer control.... and get all the bells/whistles for alarming.

    I've got a web demo if you are interested in seeing what I'm talking about.

    Also, depending on the location of the equipment, it may be easier to wire in controllers than pull the possible extra needed wires to a programable stat.

    There are manufacturers that offer 5 year warranty on the ASC's which is nice.

    Also, your scheduling/monitoring comes to one spot... no need to "run around" the building.

    Also, how about just opening up a web page? Then you don't need a specific computer at a certain spot... or software.

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    Sorry I am a rookie I guess I don't understand your question about what type of units?

    A web demo would be greatly appreciated? Where can I get further information on ASC controllers (basics). I am not familiar with them.

    A website seems better suited than software now that you mentioned it. Thanks for the responses.

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    Do you have a budget in mind?
    Are there existing programmable stats controlling the rooftop units?. (need to know how many exsiting wires are run between the 2)
    That is what sysint means by units; What type of rooftop units? 2heat2cool, heatpump, etc.

    Answering these questions is where you should start.

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    Thanks for clearing that up for me amigo. Our building is older and was once multiple warehouses. As we expanded we kept moving into the next adjoining warehouse. So we have multiple 2H/2C units as well as 1H/1C (different brands). We don't have any kind of programmable stats right now. Every unit has a stat that is located in the building that pretty much just gets left on day and night. There adjusted when more heating or cooling is needed. We really don't have a budget yet just trying to see what is available and what type of saving we can expect. Thanks again.

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    Okay, now you need to decide how much control and information you want from the rooftops.
    This can range from basic to extensive.
    From what you described and your experience, I suggest you start off with communicating programmable stats.
    Get 2 of them network together and see what gives. If you find easy and want more control over rooftop then next 2 you want to use ASC controller.
    ASC controllers, stand for: Application Specific DDC controllers, which means you do not need write programs for the controller you just adjust buil-in settings like space setpoint, economizer enable/disable point, etc.

    Lon based thermostats/asc controllers is a good idea for networking different types from different manufacturers.
    Your questions are a little too broad with many choices, you need to study and narrow your preference. Also always keep in mind what your future goal is.
    Anyway, some places to get info:
    Lon stats:

    Asc controllers:

    Interesting Non-Lon communicating thermostats:

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    DJ-rookie: Fire off an email to info @

    I'll show you a web demo of a sample ASC controller. I haven't put this in the general area of the site yet... you get one of the first looks at it.

    FYI- When looking at Circon, I'm thinking the SCC300 series controllers. More than enough. 5 year warranty.

    If you schedule multiple pieces of equipment the same, (or groups) I'd probably go with the ASC's. If you don't want too much access by the staff I'd go with ASC style controllers instead of stats.

    EDIT: Also, go to and look under the SCC profile. It shows you some of the information that is available to you for points.

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