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    Best Combo - Lennox or York???

    Looking at replacing my 92% 80K NG Furnace with newer larger unit. The existing unit is being re-used for garage heating.

    1. 2200 sqft Ranch + 1200 sqft basment (50% finished)
    2. American Standard 92% - 80K btu NG
    3. Current system sized for 1st floor only, system hurting with basement add-on. Currently awaiting upgraded ductwork, etc... for new install. Basement currently using main trunk registers to heat in mechanical area to keep warm, using electric to fill in the gaps in the finished side. Might have to do zone control for the basement but really dont want to due to cost, etc...
    4. Live in central Ohio
    5. Contractor will complete Manual J and D fully if they want my business!
    6. Local contractor reps both brands, so its a toss up for him
    7. Currently crunching HVAC-CALC to run the numbers prior

    Lennox SLP98V + Lennox XP21 (HP) + iComfort


    York Affinity 9.C + Affinity YZH (HP) + Affinity Communicating Control (If out yet??)

    Pros - York control looks better, lennox has their control out (some minor compaints), both units/compaines have decent reviews of these products

    Cons - York control not out??? Some off the wall reviews slamming both due to faulty presure switches (not sure if random), some really in general nasty reviews of people getting hammered by problems, warranty claims rejected, etc... Seems kind of odd.

    please add any input to my pro's and con's

    I have been lurking around here and have seen conversations about both, but never really head to head. I am looking for professional opinions of people working in or around the industry. I care mostly about warranty, efficiency, and features. High Performance is a must

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    The York comm stat is out and running - they took so long to release it cause they wanted to work out the bugs FIRST.

    If conventional system, toss up I guess. But of dual fuel, York is a little more efficient.

    Warranty and parts - I am biased on this one, and not just because I sell and service York. Getting a part for a Lennox can be a real PITA. And I have never had a warranty denied. The problem with the pressure switches on the York furnace is done and gone with the YP9 model - I think I have had 1 or 2 problems since the model change.

    As you may be able to tell, I favor the York, but the most important thing would be the contractor - do they REALLY know what they are doing?
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    It would appear that you are seeking, the most efficient duel-fuel system.
    Have you considered closed loop Geo-thermal?

    The Climatemaster Tranquility is impressive. The tax credits were large also, I can’t say how they are now, I crossed over from Residential to Commercial.

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