I just resently built and moved into a new house. I had a dual HVAC system installed (split upstairs and downstairs).

The house is 3670sqft, and I have 2.5 and 3.5 ton AC units. The 3.5 is connected to the lower level system and the 2.5 is connected to the upper level system. Both furnace/HVAC units are in the basement.

I know more then the average Joe, but a ton less the the less then average Joe HVAC guy. So I have some questions so I can sound knowledgable when I question this installation.

The house is 2 stories, and has 2 "mid-level" dens off to the side of the main structure. Half way down to the basement you land in the lower den, and half way up to the second floor your land in the upper den. Both of these dens are on the upper level (smaller ton) HVAC System.

All totaled up:
Upstairs 2.5 ton unit has 2195sqft
Downstairs 3.5 ton unit has 1475sqft

Just going by SQFT and the fact that the upstairs is going to be harder to cool because the living space is in direct contact with the attic space above, also the air has to be pushed upstairs from the basement, loosing some of its cooling power on the way I would assum...should this not be reversed?

Both furnace units are the same, the A-Coils are properly matched to the outside unit that is connected to them.

Did they install the AC units backwards during the installation? Am I crazy?

I have an outstanding "free call" for them to come and properly charge the units once the temp gets above 70 outside (so they can be charged correctly, they were installed in January). They are also going to balance all of the dampers (all of the output and input ducts have manual dampers). I just wanted to make sure that the smaller unit upstairs makes sense, or am totaly off base and it could possibly be correct.

Let me know if you need more details...just trying to keep it simple if possible.

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