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    I have been a member here for a very long time and met quite a few members here on the forum so I created a different name so I could ask this question.

    I am a service manager at a company here in Dallas. I found out that the supplier we use has a Field Service Rep spot just open up. I have been a service manager for a little over a year now and although I enjoy it, it comes with its own level of stress and so forth. The FSR position requires conducting classes and field tech support and a few other things. I have always been interested in a position like this but to be honest it doesnt come up to often from what I have seen.

    If I did pursue this job I would surely piss off my current employer and maybe hurt the relationship between them and this manufacturer. Other hand I get in with a really good company in a well structured and groomed company who has been around for a long time with stability. If I was working any where else than I currently am then I would go in a heart beat but I like where I am at and the people I work with but consider this a great opportunity that just doesnt come around to often.

    I emailed the company asking about basic info like pay and bennefits so I can see if I would even cut it off before I get to far.

    I know Robin was a rep and I know there has to be a few others out there who have made the same if not similar moves. I would like some input though.

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    If you have people skills and are a service manager ... stay right where you are at!

    Reason being, you are a rarity!!!

    Especially if you have good work habbits, ethics, and know the trade.

    Most of all the nice people I have met in this industry were either mechanics or salesmen.

    Leave that suposed dream job for another fellow.

    You will have a healthy impact on your company and customers right where you are at.
    Stay there!!!


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    Why would your employer be upset if you pursued a better opportunity? He would! This FSR job sounds great! Like the old song says "you can't please everyone, so you've got to please yourself". There will always be a service manager position open somewhere if things don't work out. Good luck (and God bless)!

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    ...."so ya got to please yourself" ? huh?

    Sounds like the sixties revisited..... like something a teenager would say, when his parents werent around.

    I hope you were joking. If you were ... I will laugh right along with you.

    Ya know ... it is the mechanics in this industry who are the truthful and faithful people. Not most of the business owners and most of the manufacturers!
    And certainly NOT the industry writers/ publishers/ marketing agents.

    If we as mechanics dont have a grasp on committment and honesty, integrity ... then who will?

    We should be above reproach. We should make our yes, YES and our no, NO.
    We should be trustworthy. And not flippant.

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    Dallas, what R12 is trying to say is, stay at your job. He will take the job you are discussing
    Saddle Up!

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    I decided to stay and see how it pans out. The change would be an instant raise over 1/3 what I currently make which isn't saying much since I make as much as the highest paid tech. I thought about it and think it would be a great opportunity but I am not sure if I am through where I am. I was a job hopper before now and had been at 8 bad bad companies in 10 years. all but 2 are out of business. I like to think I had wrotten luck at best. Anyways I am at a place I can see at least 5 years down the road and I am going to see through it. I enjoy it and have learned more in the past year than I have in the previous 9 it seems like some times.

    If any one in Dallas is interested in that job it email me and I may be able to help you out. Email is in the profile.

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