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    I've been searching through past threads and I've been able to answer most of my questions about a ductless system and I do understand how it is setup and how it works. But of course there are still a few stragglers

    First off, the situation. I'm not going to be installing a ductless system immediately, but perhaps within the next year. This ductless system will ONLY need to cool, NOT heat. The room it will be cooling is about 420 sq. ft., so it will not require a big powerhouse of a system.

    Question 1: I believe when the time comes to purchase the system, I'm going to ask my A/C guy to quote me a Trane ductless system, specifically the XB12 for the outdoor unit (1.5 ton) and the MCW indoor unit (1 ton). He has seen the room before and again I'll state I don't need more cooling than that because this particular room does have a couple vents off the main central A/C - it just doesn't provide enough cooling. For these 2 pieces of equipment I have in mind, what are the electrical requirements, since Trane doesn't seem to list them on their public web site. I need to know what voltage both indoor and outdoor units require, and how many amps each unit will need in order for proper electrical work to be done first.

    Question 2: Are Trane ductless systems made in the USA? If not, are there any ductless systems still made in the USA?

    Thanks in advance

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    I am not very well versed on the Trane units however, most mini splits have a "lifeline" that runs from the outdoor to the indoor unit for electrical connections. EMI is made in the USA and are sweet units.
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    IMHO, Sanyo makes the absolute best ductless out there. I've installed mitsubishi, carrier, and fujitsu. You won't go wrong using a Sanyo.
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    Why not save a bunch of money and fix the duct problems?

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    i would install a zoning system and save on installation and utilities. zoning systems are great and they work.
    but if you have or call a contractor that doesnt use or have the knowledge of this technoledgy youll get there no good wont work answere.

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