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    Hi, I am moving to Central Florida in a few months and wanted to get ideas on the best pleated filter in the above size. I know that some of the filters can be restrictive but I am cautious about changing them when needed. I will be living in an apartment that has a new 12 seer heat pump(I will be first tenant) and a programable thermostat. Thanks for any ideas

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    I dont suppose you know what size the heat pump is? 16x20 pleated filter is pretty darn small and restrictive already. A good filter isnt always what is best for the equipment.

    I like the Farr 20/20 for such an application and no I dont know where you can get them. (Generally through an HVAC dealer).

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    Just because it is pleated doesn't mean it is restrictive. There are many to chose from. The key is to check it on a regular basis. If it is dirty in a month, check it more frequently. Due to new construction, you may have an excess of dust in the house/vents that will get removed and the frequency may change. I would not start with the least or most expensive type, go with one medium priced to start with. The real cheap ones (you can see right thru them) will allow too much dust/debris to pass thru and collect on the blower motor and coil and cause problems later.

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    Check out Honeywell,they make a 4" thick pleated,that will fit in the 1" frame ,if there is an extra 3" of space behind the grille.

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