I'm interested in a used residential window AC unit that is rated at about 2 1/2 tons of cooling 30,000 BTU, the problems I have with it is the owner says it was acquired in 2000 but it looks older and one substantial factor in this is that there is label on the back that says..

MFG. Date 0995

Now originally I thought that meant 1995 but now I realize it almost might mean 09 of 1995 (course he could be telling the truth, though but I'm unsure)

The reason I have all of these questions is he says it has low use 3 summers and I want a lot of reliability out of this unit and not for it to need a recharge

The model is Sears Model 106.9722990
(I did try to find some info on the net about it but couldn't find any)

Can anyone confirm that the unit is 5 years old? And or give me a expected life since it's used?

I realize some of you might not recommended used but I'm trying to work a budget and I'm willing to buy a new one should this unit fail..

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