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    Hello everyone, this is a great site, I have learned a lot from it. My situation is this, I went to school for HVAC in Indiana, upon completion I moved to Mesa,Arizona. I got a job very fast at a mom and pop company doing mostly maintenance agreements and helping out other techs. when needed. After about a year of this I wanted to do more "tech." work but that didn't happen and the company did mostly mobile home work so I quit that and went to doing maintenance at a resort community. I have done this for 3 years and am stuck at $12.00 an hour. I am 42 years old I have universal EPA certification and I'm a good ,caring worker. My question for you guys is should I try to get back into A/C work for better money and a take home van? (I really miss that)I just feel like I'm wasting my schooling not doing A/C work.Also at my present job I have healthcare benefits but no retirement and at this stage of my life I really need a good retirement program.Please give me your opinions and If anyone has any offers in Mesa please E-Mail me at Thanks for your time!!

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    Originally posted by hvac915
    Hello everyone, Please give me your opinions Thanks for your time!!
    Hello there, old timer.
    I think you should get your contractors license and do calls after hours and weekends,ect...then start your own
    "mom and pop" thing if you want.

    Just my opinion but if you employed now ,then hang on to what you got.Ask about benefits,make sure they know it is important to you.

    Where in Indiana you from?

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    Thanks for the reply Jacob. I was raised in Griffith,Indiana. If you don't know where that is, It's near Chicago,IL.Thanks for the advice,I often thought about doing A/C work on my own on the side.

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    Get someone to help you put together a resume which will appeal to office managers.

    Are you willing to relocate? If so, then list your resume with HVAC Agent.
    If you like where you live, then simply begin writing letters and inquire who is hiring?
    Hand write these letters.

    First make yourself a list of those companies who offer the type of benefits you require and who do the work you wish to be doing.
    Make sure they offer legitimate continuing education.

    In the mean time, purchase NromChris book on what you need to know about testing.
    Some outfit will request you be certified in NATE or something or other.

    While you are en route to your future, possibly become certified in one or more of the currently available tests.
    This is one place where Norm's book will come in handy.

    Read that thread, "top ten things to know"

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    Thanks R-12, you always have good advice!

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    griffith huh? i grew up in portage
    I don’t always drink beer, but when I do I prefer Dos-Equis. I am the most interesting man in the world. Stay thirsty my friends.

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    Yeah It's a small world. I lived in Portage for 2 years while I went to Ivy Tech. in Valparaiso for HVAC. I lived in Camelot Estates. I also had a red 1972 Gran Torino when I was in high school, my first car. I loved that car!

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