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    i am think about getting a micron gauge... i seen that they have a tif 9450d micron gauge that reads down to 200 micron for $200.00

    Then i see another one ( not sure of manufacter ) and reads down to 10 microns.. This one cost less... So why would the one that reads lower cost lower.. Is the tif 9450d a good buy??

    Any info would be welcome

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    buy a wet bulb indicator. they never go out of calibration and they either work or they don't because of broken glass. somebody put a posting a couple of months ago and i can't remember the brand name. i can;t even remember the name brand of mine i've had it so long. the way they work is you fill the indicator with proper amount of alcohol and hook it up to a system that is under a vacuum. the alcohol boils off and then you read the thermometr thats inside,a good reading would be about -20 deg.f . then you look on the chart to see how low of a micron reading that is. they work like a sling sychrometr thats all sealed up. very simple and reliable. just put up a post asking about wet bulb indicators and somebody like diceman will probly remember

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    Tif < junk

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    Thumbs down Tif

    I have never liked my Tif I have another new in the box...

    The link someone refers to is

    But I think you would be happier with a electronic model like JB,Supco,Ritchie,Robinair

    The new TIF is for sale make me an offer :-)
    AllTemp Heating & Cooling

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