i had new trane system:
(92% vs, 2 zones
trane #2ttr2060 5 ton 13 seer
trane #tuy120r9v5w 112,00 btu
trane # txc065s3 5 ton evap)
installed in new construction house(2,500 sq/ft ),.after moving in 1 month ago and using the heat the house seems cold with t-stat set at 70, heater turns on and runs for about 10 minutes satisfys t-stat shuts off
house is insulated 1st floor r-13, second floor r-19 all tyvec.,.....so,...i purchased the hvac-cal for homeowner use. it was everything advertised ++++++,.great product!.....did the room by room ,...suprise! system seems to be way oversized, i am waiting for the contractor to call back now to address these concerns,.....i understand that in the summer if the system is oversized the ac will short cycle and cool to quickly and not remove humidity.....
would the system being oversized cause the problem i am having with the heat also?

below are the totals from the hvac-calc:
heat gain-29,927
heat loss-31,386
no fudge factor added, with these #s what would be a correct size heater/ac?
also what are my options on correcting these issues?
I am looking for input/advice so i can discuss all my options with the installer.
any help would be greatly appreciated,.
thanks in advance,